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Realistic Expectations

The images above were taken by a good freind of mine who owns Sweet Rose Photography in Leeseville, LA so if you ever find yourself stationed at Fort Polk, please look her up! The adorable Birthday girl is my daughter. As you can see, stuff happens. No photo session is 100% predictable and you wouldn't want it to be! Point in case, I LOVE the shots of my daughter taste-testing her picture perfect cake smash cake. However, I also LOVE the shots of my daughter crying because she didn't like the way the cake squished inbetween her fingers. I LOVE the photos of her sitting on and kicking the cake when she decided she didn't like the taste of the icing. 


When our photo session started to take a walk on the wild side, my husband and I laughed soo hard. We enjoyed helping our girl make a mess and comforting her when she wasn't happy. Those memories are irreplaceable and thanks to the photos above (and many more) we can easily revisit those moments any time we want to. We might even use one for a highschool yearbook photo, who knows?! When you book with me, please do so with both eyes open. Put your trust in me and let life happen. That's when we'll capture the best of the best and the best of the worst. This is also why some photos will be taken in a specific order.











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