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Sometimes the stars align and you have a baby that eats regularly, sleeps like a dream and rarely fusses; somtimes that's not the case. Baby Whalen, A.K.A. "Squeeky" or "Moose" decided to challenge his parents right out of the gate so that they can appreciate the easier times ahead. He's just an active, hungry little man!

Despite being a little fussy in the beginning, Baby W. was a joy to photograph and he eventually settled into his pampered model role like a champ. He had the fullest, pouty lips you could ask for and at 18 days old had plenty of personality to share! Although he wasn't the ideal age for a newborn session, there are advantages to having an older baby to photograph- those eyes, eyes, eyes! I loved all of the expressions that Moose made and I especially enjoyed taking a number of military themed pictures for his proud Army Family.

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