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Dakota- What a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby girl! She went with the flow no matter how many tutus we had her try on and she slept like a dream. Dakota must already know what a great friend and protector she has in her big brother because she melted into his arms for some sweet sibling shots and couldn't stand to be separated from him even in her sleep when he was nearby.

When I set up consultations with clients, I have suggestions and am fully prepared to make all those hard to reach decisions for them on what types of photos are a priority based on the impressions I get. Choosing appropriate themes, lighting, posing, props, etc... is part of why I get paid to do my job. However, these are YOUR precious moments being captured and this is YOUR session. I loved that Baby Dakota's Family was so involved without being in the way.

When asked, one of my personal goals is to always incorperate Family as much as possible- and yes I capitalize the word intentionally. I believe Family is very important and when a child is surrounded by that much love and support, it's noticeable. When you can see that connection through photography, it's magic. That's what I want for you. Magic.

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