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So why FlutterBy?  No one else wants to tell your story as much as I do.  I believe the only thing as magical as living our own lives is our ability to be a part of someone else's.  Share your journey with me and I will bring out what is unique about you.


I'm not interested in overly posing or editing to create fake memories.

Your imperfections are what make you perfect.  Every single birthmark, freckle and wrinkle is exactly where it should be.  

I will capture your emotions during those candid moments because that's when memories are made. That's when your inner beauty and outer beauty become one and the love you share becomes tangible.

I will give you a quality experience at a reasonable price.  If you're on a budget and need a payment plan, I will work with you.  This enables you to breathe a little easier and ensures I get compensated for my work.  


Together we'll create a work of art and lasting beauty that captures the essence of your Family. 




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